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Name:Xion [AU]
Birthdate:Jul 12
A roleplay account for Alternate Universe Xion from Kingdom Hearts (Based on this AU)
Played by: [personal profile] gorsecloud

Differences from Canon:
  • Currently 2-3 years old (Physically 16-17)
  • Nearly two years have passed since what would have been the end of 358/2 Days
  • Able to coexist with Roxas - reprogrammed by (a very reluctant) DiZ so that she no longer absorbs memories. DiZ also placed a firewall around her programming that only he knows how to remove, to prevent Xemnas or anyone else from trying to modify it further (Only DiZ himself is aware of this firewall's existence, though)
  • On the run from the Organization and (intially) DiZ with Roxas and Axel while they wait for Sora to wake up (DiZ eventually gave up and decided going with the plan he didn't like was better than not having a hand in Organization XIII's downfall at all)
  • Sora's memories of Kairi that have comprised her are slowly being replaced with his ones of Castle Oblivion and NaminĂ© - appearance has changed very slightly as a result (mainly hair length, most of which could be contributed to natural growth anyway, so it's virtually unnoticeable)
  • Only uses the Keyblade in dire circumstances - to protect the worlds from massive Heartless invasions/highly dangerous Heartless (This is to slow down the creation of Kingdom Hearts as long as possible)
  • Appearance is mostly settled as her own memories and the bonds she's formed have started establishing her existence more firmly as herself - only a scant few people can't see her own face, and new acquaintances will normally see her right off the bat.
  • Sometimes has dizzy spells due to memory reorganization - these instances become less frequent as time goes on, and once Sora wakes up they stop altogether
  • Occasionally struggles with worries over whether they made the right choice
  • Still some minor existential issues; they've been improving from the support of her closest friends and others
  • On the other hand, she struggles with guilt for the trouble that the Organization is flooding the worlds with to try to force her and Roxas to use their Keyblades and collect hearts
  • Still incredibly loyal to her friends - circle has expanded to include NaminĂ©, King Mickey, and Kairi
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